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Welcome to the new Beacon magazine! I had an idea that there was room in the world for a free e-magazine exploring the fields of art, culture, travel, metaphysics, writing and so on, with an emphasis on positivity, and an aim to uplift readers' spirits.
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Break free from your twin enemies, 

Lack of Time



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How to Blog Every Day

Possibly Forever


So you'd like to be able to generate volume blog content so that you can create a new blog post every day of the year - including weekends and holidays?

This short booklet gives you an approach that will work. It tells you how to choose a topic, what routine you'll need to adopt to overcome obstacles and sustain your output for years, and how creating a daily blog has tremendous spin-off benefits that you probably haven't thought of.

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Inside the name-dropped nineteenth issue:


THE GREAT CLARENDON HOUSE WRITING CHALLENGE FINAL: read the three final stories and cast your vote!


POETRY CORNER with Charlotte Langtree and Elizabeth Brown


THE PROMISE by L. T. Waterson



and a special MASTER AUTHOR SHOWCASE: A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA Part One by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Meet the marvellous MARLON HAYES


WRITER’S WORKSHOP - the most important chapter of How Stories Really Work! Vacuum Power!

plus articles, The Tragedy of Macbeth, news and features including another WORD SEARCH by Julie C. Eger, and much more!


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7 Secrets of Successful Stories


This short book is about the essence of storytelling, and how writers use Ideas, Characters and ancient models to convey pretty much whatever message they like, in ways that you probably never suspected - though they will seem obvious once you see them.


Drawing on the hugely popular book

How Stories Really Work,

it contains probably the most comprehensive description of the Seven Character Archetypes to date.


Plus you get a Bonus Section on

Revitalising Your Story.

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