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Author, Poet, Artist, Mentor, Editor, Educator, Humorist, Entrepreneur


Hello, my name is Grant Hudson and what you will see on these pages is a reflection of who I am, my interests, and what I can do for you. 


I am a published author and poet, have over 5,000 items of merchandise available featuring my artwork, have edited and published many books, taught many people, made many more laugh (education and laughter go well together) and have delved into business on many levels.


Some of you will see yourselves or part of yourselves here.

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Coming soon...

The Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine is almost here…


Coming in 2019, an e-magazine which 


• contains the precise things writers are interested in,


• is full of the information that they need


opens doors to more and more submission opportunities


• is packed with exciting and insightful articles and excellent artwork


• is available at almost no cost (only £2.00 a month, which is about $2.60 or thereabouts in American money) with a discount if people sign up for a year


• provides space for writers to advertise their own books and websites - along with guidance on how to do so most effectively

The magazine will be available through this page each month.


Main Articles

Top writing tips 

Advice on how to make more time for writing

How to stop procrastinating

Advice on dealing with self-doubt 

Detailed analyses of successful writing

Detailed analyses of successful marketing

A range of your personal experiences and successes as a writer in your daily battle to write and/or to market your work

Some favourite reading of yours and how it has helped you

Your best advice for new writers starting out

A specialist topic that you have researched and which you want to share with others as an article

Studies of particular books or genres


…and recommended books or films, particular experiences writers have had, how writers solved various problems with a work in progress, tips writers have picked up on formatting or editing, or anything to do with writing…and so on, covering just about anything to do with our field.


Short Stories


Lots of these. Including possibly an ongoing serial or two…







Exploring writers' lives and works in a great deal more depth than is possible on social media, with sympathetic questions aimed at encouraging readers to delve into various works.

Submission Information


The latest hard information on where to submit your stories, updated with what’s new, what’s trending, what’s not and so on - a ‘one-stop shop’ for writers looking to build a career from their work.



(The following are special launch-only rates for ads in the magazine. These rates will triple after the first issue is released.)

Full page ad with links: £100 for a year's (12 issues) ads

Half page ad with links: £50 for a year's (12 issues) ads


Classified ads: £10.00 for a year's (12 issues) ads



Examinations of the writing of master authors to find out what is working and why, in detail.


Mini-classes in How Stories Really Work, as well as advice based on the work of top writers.


Tips, Advice, Hints


Snippets of advice for you, whether you are a new writer or an established author: things to do with submitting stories, developing characters, formatting manuscripts, marketing your work.


Quizzes, Competitions, Jokes

Cartoons and Comic Strips





Latest news from the world of writing - new releases, forthcoming books and films, interesting info about authors and much more.


The Game


Target: 1,000 subscribers.


After that point is reached, the magazine will pay for submissions:


£100.00 for a lead story or article.


£50.00 for a designated secondary story or article.


£10.00 for a huge slice of other contributions.


Target: 2,000 subscribers


All of the above doubled, i.e.:

£200.00 for a lead story or article.


£100.00 for a designated secondary story or article.


£20.00 for a huge slice of other contributions.


Help get more subscribers; have control over how far this goes. Talk about the magazine in other groups and with friends, invite a few interested people, and the magic thresholds will be crossed all that much sooner!


Ask me any questions, anytime, by dropping me a line at




Should you start sending in submissions right away? Yes, if you wish.


I very much look forward to hearing from you.


You have something special to offer the world through your writing. Yes, you. And I consider it my task and my pleasure to provide you with as many opportunities to do so as I can.