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Getting Into Print For Real

There are a lot of obstacles in the way for a writer who wants to be published, many of them before a first draft is completed.

You need to learn the secret language of fiction for a start, which teaches you how stories really work. You need to master the role of ideas. You have to find ways of making characters attractive, and of getting emotional commitment from readers and so on. There are ways of doing these things, and there are ways of wasting a lot of time trying to find out how they are done.

Once you have a manuscript, you’ll need everything fully proof-read and edited into shape. Your manuscript will then need formatting, numbering and so on. You’ll need to decide what size of book you want, how many pages it needs, what cover would be best, and so forth.

The good news is that the Basic Publishing Package available here deals with all this for you, from your concepts and motivations as a writer all the way through to getting a hard copy of your book into your hands, fully formatted and print-ready for the masses.

But there’s more. You'll also get a Marketing Programme with options to appear on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and so on, and bonus material including the books How to Succeed in Business as a Writer and How to Achieve Your Personal Goals.

Everything in the package is based on an extensive 40-year study of English literature and popular fiction, ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary movies like Star Wars or the Marvel superhero films.

Clarendon House Publications can do all of this for a relatively low price by using Lulu, the world's best publishing platform.

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