A Short Checklist for Independent Publishers

Are you interested in independently publishing a book?

What that means is getting a book into the hands of readers either through electronic devices or hard copy without going through the centuries-old route of using a traditional publisher.

If you are, here is a handy checklist for you.

Like the ingredients you need before you begin making a cake, you will need:

1. A fully edited, completed manuscript, formatted into the correct version for the publishing platform you want to use.

2. An appropriate book cover for the ebook or print book. In the case of an ebook, the cover is just a front page which appears on the web; for print books, a cover includes a spine and a back cover.

3. A book title and sub-title, preferably one that uses keywords if you’re writing non-fiction. For example, you could write a book entitled ’How to Collect Model Cars’ or call it ‘Collecting Model Cars’. The latter title will be more effective as these words are what people type into search engines.

4. A sales descript