The Heart of an Independent School

An independent school shouldn’t lose sight of the practical realities of what it means to be a school: curriculum, timetables, the nitty gritty of teaching and all which that brings. But if it wants to stand out, it needs to be something more than ‘just’ a school. The trick is to powerfully enhance what it is that makes any particular school unique.

How can this be made to work practically?

The first thing to do is to carefully examine the way the school is managed.

Management should be aligned so that key people are fully responsible for their respective areas and for piloting these areas towards the objectives laid out for the school as a whole. Coordination between them should form the basis of the management of the school, so the relationships between them are key.

The role of Head should be to encourage all through positive leadership and direction to create fully their own jobs and to generate high quality work every day. This usually works best if founded on the assumption that staff are bursting to do this anyway and love to take hold of and solve the problems inherent in whatever it is they do.

The Head should ideally have the personal belief that all the staff are brilliant.

The funny thing is that, the more you look at this, the more things often to fit into place. Most schools have in the team already people who it seems might have almost been genetically designed to perform certain functions.

The Head should obviously be answerable to the governing board of the school, with whom he or sh