Five Tough Truths to Unleash the Writer Within You

You want to be a writer?

Here are five things you need to confront, if you want to succeed on that road:

1. Ask yourself ’Why am I not writing right now?’

You’re reading this. You’re not writing. That tells you one things straight away: you haven’t yet placed enough importance upon being a writer to stop doing other things and start writing. Horrible, but true, simply by the fact that you’re still reading this.

2. You have enough writing time to get started even though you think that can’t be true.

Do you have an iPhone or other gadget that you carry around with you? Does it have the capacity for keeping notes? You don’t need anything super-duper or complex: you just need something that you can write into and save. Preferably something which holds onto content which you can then email to yourself.

Because you tend to carry your phone around with you at all times, use an app on your phone.

Now, every time you are waiting for a bus, sitting on a train, are in between meetings, write. Notes, ideas, chapter headings, insights. Sentences, poems, dialogue. Whole chapters if you get a chance. It’s possible to write the basis for entire novels in this way, chapter by chapter, in the time that you didn’t even realise was ‘spare’. Try it. You’ll be amazed. And your writing morale will start to go up and up. You won’t forget those flashes of genius you had on the way home before you get to your laptop; you won’t forget that you even had a flash of genius. It will all be there in some form on your device. Apart from recording stuff, the notes on your gadget will begin to give you confidence that you can actually write. You’ll get practice, in small doses. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master something? Well then, over the last eight years or so you’ve probably let 10,000 hours slip through your fingers literally by not having something to hand upon which to record your thoughts and ideas in these ‘invisible gaps’ in your life.

3. You are your own worst ene