How Independent Publishing Works and What It Costs

How do you get a book published through an online publisher?

What does such a publisher actually do with your work?

Many writers are ready to publish and then run into the practical brick wall of what to do next. Traditional publishers are glutted with work - they only produce so many books a year and are usually booked up years in advance, even if you can get them interested in your work. If you want to get published right way, if you have run out of patience with the world and want your book out there as quickly as possible, you will need to go elsewhere.

Fortunately for you, we are in the Golden Age of Independent Publishing. Thousands of websites exist which promise to publish your work for you for a fee. Some are more reliable and easier to work with than others. But at the end of the day, they all do much the same thing with your precious manuscript.

To give you more of an idea how the publication process works at Clarendon House Publications, here are the step-by-step actions. Clarendon House has some unique features as a publisher, as you will see: