The Secrets of Successful Business Part Two: Customer Templates -What They Are and How to Create The

So many assumptions, so little time…

You think you know what a business is? What a product or service is? What a customer is?

Some of your assumptions as to what this things are are getting in the way of you being as successful as you would like.

Some Radical New Definitions

Let’s run through some quick definitions of the above - which you will have to take at face value at present.

Business: a ‘business’ is an activity or operation designed to fulfil a need. Per this definition, your body is a kind of business: it is equipped with various bits and pieces of equipment designed to take in the things that you need and to reject the things that could threaten your life. Anything which acts to fulfil a need has something to do with what we call ‘business’. You’ll learn much more about this as you go on. For now, think of a business as a provider.

Product or service: a product or service is that thing or action (or set of things or actions) which are designed to fit a particular need. Thus a bag of chips is a product because it fills the need for something to eat; a haircut is a service because it supplies the shorter hair that someone needs. The range of products and services is vast - and some of them will surprise you. A good way to think of products and services is as ‘need-fillers’.