The Secrets of Successful Business Part Five: What a Marketing Campaign Actually Is

We saw in the last part of this free course that the things that we have become accustomed to calling 'customers' are actually almost vacuums disguised as people. A prospect is someone with a vacuum (a need, a desire, a gap, something missing); a customer is someone who has decided that you can fill that vacuum, enough to have made a monetary commitment to you - they buy something. You don’t need to ‘develop a product’ to make it convincing or attractive - you need to develop your understanding of what the prospect is missing or yearning for.

What brings the things called ‘prospects’ to life is the vacuum between who, what and where they are now, and who, what and where they want to be.

You’ll read a lot in other guides or tomes full of advice to do with business about using emotion to engage your potential customer. Aristotle called this use of emotion 'pathos'. It’s powerful and common.

But what creates these emotions? Vacuums, in various forms.

Sadness is the result of a loss.

Fear arises with an impending loss.

Anger is a protest against loss.