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Author, Poet, Artist, Mentor, Editor, Educator, Humorist, Entrepreneur


Hello, my name is Grant Hudson and what you will see on these pages is a reflection of who I am, my interests, and what I can do for you. 


I am a published author and poet, have over 5,000 items of merchandise available featuring my artwork, have edited and published many books, taught many people, made many more laugh (education and laughter go well together) and have delved into business on many levels.


Some of you will see yourselves or part of yourselves here.

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Learn so much about stories that there's not enough room in this heading to tell you even a fraction...

October 7, 2017




• what a story really is 


• what it is actually doing to and for 

you and other readers

• the magnetic power that attracts readers even before the introduction of any character


• what the thing called a ‘character’ actually is, and how to rapidly build a convincing one


• the things called ‘plots’, what they are and how they are actually made


• what ‘protagonists’ and ‘antagonists’ really are, and what the connection between them consists of


• the four categories of the powerful force that compels readers to turn pages


• the ‘nuclear reactor’ that drives all successful stories through to their conclusion


• how the four basic genres -Epic, Tragedy, Irony and Comedy- are composed and how they work to create different effects


and much, much more.


Learn more here.

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