The Way Prosperity Works: The Foundation of Trust

I wanted to give you an instance of how to use the same principles that work in story telling to acquire some success in marketing. To do this, I’m going to use a very personal and small scale example.

I wrote a book over two years, (How Stories Really Work) based on 40 years of study of fiction and its patterns, and promoted this on the net as much as I could, to almost zero response. The few people who did read it raved about it and wrote five star testimonials. So something didn’t make sense: the contents of the book were better than good, but it wasn’t taking off.

To increase the affinity between the book and its potential public, I started a group on Facebook and added as many friends as I could whom I thought might be remotely interested in writing.

I pumped the group full of interesting material about writing and interacted with members intensively, creating a real community.

Initially, I offered the e-book version of my book as a reward for anyone who added the most writing-friendly people to the group, and this succeeded in adding a few dozen more members.

Then I offered the e-book for free to ALL members for a limited time if the group could reach a certain number of members by the end of that month. Suddenly, things took off, and dozens more members were added at a rapid rate. The group met its target. I posted a link to the e-book and many members took advantage of it and downloaded the book for free.