'I especially like How Stories Really Work. You really nailed it with that one...'

I hear a lot from writers struggling with self-doubt because they're not sure that what they have written will 'work' for readers.

I hear a lot from writers who have written a tremendous quantity of material but who know that there's something lacking in its quality.

I hear a lot from writers who have been rejected time and time again by agents and publishers and who are deeply worried that what they have written is lacking something.

The answer to all of this is a £10.00 book which tells them all what it's about in its title: How Stories Really Work.

One tiny investment which would save hundreds if not thousands of pounds on editing; one small payment which would save hundreds of hours of anxiety and heartbreak and self-doubt by revealing for them the secrets of the master authors, the bestsellers, the hit movies, the acclaimed TV series; one easy purchase which would set their minds at rest and reduce rejections by setting their stories in the right direction.

Don't just take my word for it...

What the experts say:

As with all professionals, I too read craft books every day, to stay on top of my game.

Over the last thirty years, I’ve read (literally) hundreds of writing books. And, lemme tell ya, the VAST majority of them are garbage.The relative few that are decent still aren’t great. Writing instructors usually spend 60,000 words saying what could’ve been said in 60.