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Be interviewed!

There are a couple of things which make the Inner Circle Writers’ Group on Facebook a little different from most other groups.

One of the main ones is engagement. The group has a very high level of member engagement compared to some other groups - members tend to like, comment, share and contribute more than most. Whenever I ask about successful actions (and I’ll be asking again soon) that’s one of the things that comes up. Another is interviews.

In the past, I have asked if anyone wants to be interviewed in the group. Anyone who is interested then emails me and I send them the questions. They reply and I post the result. Other members then ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on the interview. It tends to make members more ‘real’ to each other and it reduces that sense of isolation and ‘I’m the only one’ which can creep into an individual writer’s life from time to time.

I haven’t done such an interview for a few weeks and so I thought I would really open this up and just put the questions here for any member to cut and paste into an email to me.

Some important things to remember (to your advantage): you don’t have to be a published author to contribute - most members are not, and want to hear from other people like themselves; you need to remember to attach an IMAGE to the resulting answers so that I can post your interview as soon as I get it - interviews without pictures get much less response. AND you are allowed to post links in your answers - links to your website, your blog, your book page, wherever you like. This interview is for you to attract interest and possibly get some sales too.

Email your answers to

BUT remember, please, to include an image. It doesn’t have to be your face, if you’re shy or don’t have a good picture of yourself: it can be a book cover, or anything you like.

Here are the questions. Feel free to mess with them and to answer as fully or as briefly as you wish. There is no rush, answer at your leisure.

1. Please tell the members a little bit about yourself, where you're located and so on.

2. For members new to your work, can you give us an overview? And tell us where to start? Where can we find your books?

3. How did you come to be interested in writing?

4. What appeals to you about writing? What personal satisfaction do you get from it?

5. What is your routine? Do you write every day, at a particular time of the day? Do you find it hard to discipline yourself, or is it easy?

6. Who are some of your favourite writers? Works that have influenced you? Or people?

7. Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to be a writer?

8. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Please remember the image!

Thanks for contributing! It’s things like this that make our group alive and buzzing!

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