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Bringing Out the Best in Your Writing

There are times as a writer which are joyous in the extreme.

In ways which are often hard to describe to a non-writer, the act of writing can take one into a different world - not a fantasy construction like Middle-earth (though that happens too) but a kind of trance in which reality seems not less solid but in some strange way more real. When we are ‘in the zone’ as writers, it is as though we have engaged some other set of perceptions and are able to make connections which, in our more mundane existences, would not only never have occurred to us, they would have perhaps seemed crazy.

That’s at times, though. For much of the rest of the time, writing can seem like a laborious process of connecting dots which we thought at one point would link up to form a cohesive and recognisable shape but which now we sometimes struggle to see any meaning in at a