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The Third of Three Big Announcements

Earlier this month I made two other big announcements.

The first was to do with what’s coming in 2019 and how Clarendon House is going to offer you opportunities to be published in at least NINE new anthologies, each of which will have a competition to determine which of the accepted authors will get his or her own paid collection of short stories. This gives every one of you a pathway to a career as a writer.

The second announcement was to do with the forthcoming launch of the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine, and how this will not only be packed full of useful and entertaining articles each month but will also give you more chances to be published by presenting space for articles, short stories, artwork and all kinds of exciting things - all for only £2.00 per issue. This helps every one of you to develop as a writer.

Now for the third announcement.

I’ve just completed and launched a new 25,000 word book entitled

Your Biggest Challenge as a Writer - and What To Do About It.

Here’s the blurb:

I recently did a large survey of writers, asking them what their biggest challenge was in relation to their writing. By far the largest proportion of writers revealed that their main difficulty was related to two connected things: Time and Procrastination.

They told me that they were frustrated because they either didn’t have the time to write or, when they had it, found that it was swallowed up with distractions and interruptions, most often self-generated.

This is big.

In fact, this is far more revealing than I think many of the authors who said it probably realise.

It’s an indication of things at work beneath the surface of writers’ lives.

Now, in this 25,000 word book, get a programme to deal with your lack of time as a writer, an understanding of what makes you procrastinate, and a pathway to building a life centred around your writing.

You really can be the writer you were meant to be. And you can start right here - for free.

You can get your own copy of the book right now, by clicking here.

So that’s a whole new set of anthologies, what could be the world’s most exciting writing magazine, and a free ebook to help you get your life organised as a writer.

I thought you needed to know all of these things.

How do they all fit together?

Stay tuned - it may not be what you think...

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