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How to Submit to the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine

It’s getting nearer…

What is?

The world’s most exciting writers’ magazine.

Many of you have heard of it; hundreds of you are talking about it; dozens of you are planning to submit things to it; and a whole load of you have said that you would subscribe to it. It’s only going to cost you £2.00 a month (that’s roughly $US2.60) -less than the price of one cup of tea in a shop, for all the tremendous and lasting value that each issue will contain.

So, how does it all work?

Let me say first that I am planning to launch the magazine early in 2019. Hopefully, this will be in January or February. But a lot depends on your help.

The magazine will contain many, many things of great interest to you, including:

Main Articles (about such things as writing tips, dealing with self-doubt, detailed analyses of successful writing, personal experiences and successes from writers , favourite reading, advice for new writers starting out, specialist topics, studies of particular books or genres and so much more)

Short Stories of any genre, maximum length 5,000 words

Ongoing serials - which means that there is no set maximum length, if you think about it…


Excerpts from work that you are ready to share, with feedback

Interviews - would you like to be interviewed? Don’t be afraid! The questions will always be sympathetic and aimed at encouraging readers to delve into your work. If you would like to be the subject of one of these in-depth interviews, please let me know.

Submission Information - by which I mean the latest hard information on where to submit your stories or novels all over the world, updated with what’s new, what’s trending, what’s not and so on. The magazine will be as close as possible to a ‘one-stop shop’ for writers looking to build a career from their work.

Advertisements - there’ll be plenty of space to advertise your work with full and half page ads, as well as smaller classified ads, all for very reasonable prices and with special discounts and so on. As it’s an electronic mag, you’ll be able to add links too. More details on ads and rates soon.

Analysis -I will look closely at the writing of master authors and tell you what is working and why, in enough detail for you to learn from it. You’ll get mini-classes in the methodology described in my book How Stories Really Work, as well as advice based on the work of top writers.

Tips, Advice, Hints

Quizzes, Competitions, Jokes

Cartoons and Comic Strips

Specialist articles about topics like the role of settings in fiction, the nature of characters in ongoing serials, the ways style can be used to create emotional effects, and so forth.



If you have anything that you think fits into the above broad categories, you are welcome to submit it. Now.

Or anything else which you think may be of interest to other writers. Get to it.

Just email your submission to me:

If you have artwork or an ad, I will need images of a high resolution.

As I say, more details will appear very soon about advertising rates.

Launch Offer

Before I go any further, I must say that there will be far more value packed into each issue of this monthly magazine than you might be expecting, and certainly more than its £2.00 cover price would suggest - BUT I am also going to offer a pre-launch subscription deal which will mean that you will be able to sign up for 12 issues for the price of 10.

That’s right: for only £20.00, you will be able to subscribe to a year’s issues.

Details and links will appear soon so that you can take advantage of this offer. Once the magazine is launched, this deal will probably no longer be offered, so please pay careful attention and make the most of it.


Once the magazine reaches 1,000 subscribers, I will pay cash for accepted contributions.

As I have said elsewhere, building up numbers of subscribers is going to take time, even with all your help. By getting your writing friends to subscribe, you can contribute to creating a paid avenue for your own work in the future. But it will probably be a few months before the 1,000 target is reached.

Until then, what I can offer you is awards.