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Big Submission Opportunities

Many of you will be pleased to know that the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine is coming together - slowly (which is the bit you might not be so pleased with). It takes time to put together a quality e-magazine.

I have received a number of submissions, mainly short fiction, but there is plenty of room for more.

Please keep in mind that I have an ongoing monthly magazine to fill up with interesting, vibrant and engaging material - month after month of issues, each being large in size, adds up to a continuing opportunity for you to air your work.

And also remember that there are prizes - awards of books and courses to begin with for major contributions, and then, when subscriptions reach a certain level, cash.

What do I need particularly now?

I would welcome NON-FICTION ARTICLES from new and established writers on a variety of topics; I would also welcome ARTWORK and any ideas anyone has for a REGULAR COLUMN.

What I think I need the most, though, at this juncture, are SNIPPETS OF NEWS from you. Have you done any book signings recently? How did they go? Have you had any realisations about your writing in the last few weeks or months? What’s going on with your books? Any marketing successes that you’d like to share? Any things that you have overcome?

This is going to be YOUR magazine - your input is important, not just through submissions of fiction of various lengths and types, but as a writer of fiction in terms of someone living the life to one degree or another. Other writers want to hear from YOU: it’s very interesting to discover how other writers are doing, how they are coping, developing, growing, adventuring.

All you have to do is type something and email it to me:

There is also lots of advertising space - a chance to put something in front of a highly focused and interested audience, most of whom are voracious readers looking for something new and gripping.

Please contact me if you have any questions, at the same email address:

I’ll keep you updated as much as I can as the whole project draws near to launch.

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