How to Increase Your Readership and Feedback On Your Work Through This Group

The Inner Circle Writers’ Group has earned a reputation over the last year as one of the most constructive and fruitful writers’ groups on the internet. It’s done this largely because of YOU: your participation in the group, supportive remarks, genuine feedback and insights, and general all-round goodness has made this a flourishing and vibrant community for writers new and established.

It’s also achieved such feedback because of its production record, with over a dozen anthologies published and routes set up for any writer to earn his or her own paid collection. Many members of the group have become published writers because of this, and have gained readers for the first time, and even established writers have grown their readership through it. Several writers have earned money as a result of all this.

But it’s just a beginning. To move to the next level as writers, there are a few steps that everyone can do. If these things are done by a significant proportion of the existing group, then everyone benefits. Why? Because there will be more members, and more activity. That means more potential readers for your work, and more feedback and help from a like-minded community.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Add more members to the group.