What the Latest Survey Results Reveal

I recently did another survey which revealed interesting data about writers and what they are running into all over the world. Some of this will be of great interest to you. Some of what I have to say about it you may find hard to swallow.

The question was ‘Let’s assume you have just finished writing something — novel, collection, short story, etc. What is the biggest challenge facing you at that point?’

Of the many answers that poured in, the largest category was about one third of the total, which suggested that the main issue that writers have once they completed a work was with its editing and revision.

The second largest category was ‘marketing and sales’.

After that, answers fell rapidly away into issues such as ‘finding beta readers’ or ‘trouble with Facebook ads’ and that kind of thing, just one or two answers per category.

I’m not sure if you see the correlation between these things in the same way that I do. So let me restate it:

The biggest problem writers are having once they complete a work is with editing and revising it; the next biggest problem is with marketing and selling it.