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Some Book Promotion Sites

One way to get your story in front of people is a book promotion site. I make no claims for the effectiveness of the following sites, but what you see below is a selection of some of the sites offering both free and paid promotion for your book(s).

Treat this as research. As you browse through, you might recognise some authors' names. Also take a look at the covers - what works, what doesn't work. What makes you want to buy, if anything, from such sites as these?

UPDATE: From feedback I've been getting, these kinds of sites don't work. That shouldn't come as a surprise, and was what I suspected, but I posted this to get confirmation one way or the other. The main audience looking at these sites is composed of the people posting their books on them -- so you get a circular effect. It's yet another instance (of which a certain global superpower selling site that starts with 'A' is a prime example) of the creation of an illusory audience which then lures people to post in the hope that they will attract readers.

What then is the real answer? It lies in a different direction altogether, and I have several series of blog posts leading up to plenty of answers for you, if you will be patient...

WordLikes: - 410,000 subscribers but also a huge network of blogs.

Bmi Books: Starting from $10 onetime fee

Best Reads (Free and Paid) :

Writers Support

Creative Designers Writers(Free):

OltoApp: (Free and Paid)

Olto Books: - Post your books trailer

Please let me know your thoughts, findings and any results.

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