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A Special New Release from Clarendon House...GARY BONN: COLLECTED WRITINGS, Volume One

This incredible book is intended to be the first in a series of volumes designed to bring Gary Bonn's unique work to a wider public.

C. S. Lewis once said “To be stories at all they must be a series of events: but it must be understood that this series - the plot, as we call it - is only really a net whereby to catch something else.” (On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature)

I can't think of a clearer example of this than Bonn's tales. As I say in the blurb:

It is unlikely that any reader will get more than halfway through this first volume of Bonn’s collected works without wondering ‘How on earth is he doing it?’ Bonn’s stories aren't really 'stories' in the traditional sense — it’s not quite clear what they are: poems? Alternate universes woven with words? Glimpses into some other kind of reality? They don't follow the usual convention of 'characters + plot = story'. And anyone who reads them usually emerges pretty certain that this is a good thing. Be prepared to view Life from completely new angles — and yours may never feel quite the same again…

Get your paperback or Kindle version here:


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