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Three stories are battling it out with readers to win the coveted prize, which includes the offer of a book publishing contract with Clarendon House Publications, a free webpage on the Clarendon House website through which to feature their works (whether published by Clarendon House or not), a free full-page ad in the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine for a whole year, free marketing advice, including cover design, blurb, author platform tips and so on, and a free Lifestyle Consultancy to address any issues that might be getting in the way of their success as a writer.

Read the three anonymous final stories and cast your vote:

The Muddlebrook Institute

The Rose

The Applethorpe Redemption

by Elizabeth Montague, Ruth Morgan and Stephen Christie (though not in that order!)

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DEADLINE FOR VOTES: September 5th!

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The magazine is also packed with other goodies, including: POETRY CORNER with Charlotte Langtree and Elizabeth Brown, stories THE PROMISE by L. T. Waterson, SOCIAL DISTANCING by Jim Bates, and a special MASTER AUTHOR SHOWCASE: A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA Part One by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, plus an interview with the marvellous MARLON HAYES and much more!

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Hello, my name is Grant Hudson and what you will see on these pages is a reflection of who I am, my interests, and what I can do for you. 


I am a published author and poet, have over 5,000 items of merchandise available featuring my artwork, have edited and published many books, taught many people, made many more laugh (education and laughter go well together) and have delved into business on many levels.


Some of you will see yourselves or part of yourselves here.

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