Coming soon: Witness Testimony and Other Tales by P. A. O'Neil

As you may know, Clarendon House Publications offers a book contract to authors who win the most votes for the stories that appear in its anthologies.

Back in 2018, P. A. O'Neil won such a contest with her story ‘Her Sister's Keeper’ which appeared in Enigma: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Crime/Mystery/Thriller Anthology 2018.

Patt has spent the intervening time putting together a collection of her own work - and this collection is now almost ready for release. I thought you might be interested to read the blurb:

Some authors paint such vivid pictures with their words that the reader feels as though he or she is actually present, a silent observer or phantom, almost participating in the events of a tale. Such an author is P. A. O’Neil — but that’s not all: there’s a powerful golden thread of charm or warmth or humanity that runs through her stories too. Not to mention that within these pages you’ll also encounter Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes and more, and venture to as far-flung places as Venice, Vancouver Island and Faerie.

P.A. O’Neil has been writing professionally for four years. In that time, her stories have been featured in multiple anthologies (many of them international best-sellers), as well as on-line journals and magazines from several continents. She and her husband reside in Olympia, Washington, with her adult children living nearby.

The collection will also contain a specially written foreword by short story master Steve Carr.

I'm hoping - depending on the vagaries of proof copies and so forth in this brave new world of ours - to get this book out later this month - so please stay tuned! Announcements will be forthcoming in due course!

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