Frequently Asked Questions about The New Tarot

Angelica Green's book The New Tarot presents a comprehensive guide to a whole new world. As part of every purchase, she offers a free Tarot reading. Here are some questions often asked about such a reading:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How accurate and clear will my reading be?

This is of course the most frequently asked question and the one which is the hardest to answer. It will be as clear as it can possibly be — as to accuracy, that depends upon the details of the interpretation. What tends to happen over the period following a reading is that the querent (the person asking for the reading) will come to his or her own conclusions about the results and will then scrutinise his or her life intensely for a day or so before becoming tangled up in daily affairs again. Then, unexpectedly, in a quiet moment, something will strike him or her regarding something that they have just seen, heard or experienced and they will recall the reading — and some parts at least of what they have been told will fall into place. Sometimes it is not until weeks or months later than a specific detail in the reading makes sense. But if the interpretation can be used as a guide to action, it is often found that things work out according to what was forecast in an unexpected way— or something better happens.

2. What’s actually happening during a reading?

What is occurring is that the archetypes within you, from Wisdom down to the Void, are manifesting themselves through the cards. It’s like a ‘spiritual MRI scan’: the reading is scanning your life and revealing what is going on beneath its surface. The interpretation is then much like a doctor’s interpretation of a medical scan: you can find out what to watch out for and the best actions to take. A tarot reading is you listening to You using the cards as tools.