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How to Get Professional Editing and Marketing Services at a Hugely Reduced Cost

A recent survey in the Inner Circle Writers’ Group revealed that the two main areas that writers were having trouble with were editing and marketing. I sparked a little controversy by suggesting that these two things were linked. What it boiled down to, I said, was writers needing to know with more certainty what they were trying to say — what their core message was. If the core message or central theme of a piece of fiction becomes clear, both the editing and the marketing get easier.

Quite apart from that, though, there remains the problem of the mechanics of both editing and marketing. Even the most professional of writers appreciate some help with editing; and the area most complained about by writers all over the world is marketing, with hundreds of thousands of writers seeking the advice which will get their work noticed and purchased by prospective readers.

As some of you may know, I offer a range of both editing and marketing services to writers all over the world. My beta reading service has received tremendous feedback in particular, with one author saying ‘You will not regret it - his feedback is thorough and educated and very instructional - it beats the pants off of anything I have ever received in the way of feedback from any other beta reader I've ever had.’ Highlighted proofreading, which means correcting a manuscript while painstakingly showing each correction, is something that I also do and which has received positive feedback from people all over the world. I charge reasonable fees for these and other editing services.

When it comes to marketing, I help writers construct both a story synopsis (for editors and publishers to read, outlining the whole story) and put together dynamic blurbs which hook potential readers’ attention (without giving away the storyline). Both these can be of tremendous benefit — blurbs in particular are things that many struggle with. Having also designed dozens of book covers over the years, I can also offer some advice and skills in that area. In addition, I offer professional marketing consultancies to make sure that you are presenting your book in the most effective and least expensive way to potential buyers.

You probably look over all that and think that these services are going to be way outside your budget — and you would probably be right. Professional editing and marketing services generally are expensive, because they are areas of precise expertise, usually provided by experienced professionals who have worked hard to gain their qualifications and who work hard on your book to make sure that it succeeds.

However, with the coming of the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine, I am offering a whole range of services at a special rate to subscribers.

To celebrate the success of the magazine, a package of services including editing, proofreading, cover design, blurb and synopsis construction and a tailor-made marketing consultancy will now be available to magazine subscribers for half their usual price.

Contact me to secure your package today:


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