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Issue # 15 is here - and it's packed with goodness!

If you haven’t already heard, the friendly fifteenth issue of the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine is now available for only £2.00 (even less if you subscribe).

One of the main attractions this month is the appearance of the first ten stories taking part in the Great Clarendon House Writing Challenge. I had to choose from the flood of submissions that came in over the last couple of weeks, and it was hard — but I eventually picked out these ten: The Train Home, The Letter, The Escape, Carlos, Better Than a Sandcastle, The River, The Knife, The Girl with the Red Hair, Nobody Else’s Business, and Ghost Light. Note that I’m not telling you who the authors are — the idea this year is to remove even the possibility of favouritism by printing these tales anonymously. That means that when you come to read them, you’ll have to decide which five have the most impact for you based on each story alone. And I need your help with this — I need to know those top five before May 5th so that I have time to set up next month’s magazine, where the authors’ names will be revealed. You can get a copy of the magazine downloaded directly to your device here.

Email me your votes:

Naturally, though there’s a great deal of excitement surrounding the Challenge, that’s not the only thing to look out for in this month’s issue. There are some great little pieces of fiction in there, including Words of Change by A. S. Charly, Friendship and Fire by Gary Bonn, The Dance by Heather Hood, Amaterasu by Umair Mirxa, the final part of Free’s Tale: No Home at Christmastime by Gabriella Balcom and Master Author Showcase featuring The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde, not to mention Poetry Corner with Elizabeth Brown, Christina Steele and Jim Bates.

Another chief attraction is an interview with bestselling author Carmen Baca. Carmen’s regional books feature the landscape and culture of New Mexico and can open readers’ eyes to whole new worlds. In the article, Carmen reveals the secrets of her success, how she works as an author and what has meant the most to her, plus you get to see lots of pictures of what success looks like for an author.

Other features this month include Desert Island Books with L. T. Waterson, Grammar Ninja with Samantha Hamilton, an article called Write- Where You Need To Be with Julie Eger and another called The Art Of The Relationship -Editors And Writers with C. L. Steele. This month’s Wonderful World Of Marketing has a guest article by Gary Bonn called Marketing - and Why Losing Your Rag is Good.

I haven’t covered everything by any means. I strive to make the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine the best value on the market and so there’s much more, including free gifts, a fun crossword, Tolkien and Shakespeare.

Check it out here.


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