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Merry Christmas one and all and best wishes for this festive season! Subscribers, go to page 9 to download your Christmas gift: the e-book Master Author Showcase, available till mid-January!

As you might expect, this Christmas issue is packed with plenty of goodies for all, including the poetry of Harris Tobias and Christina; The Best of Clarendon House: Part One of ‘Mouses and Rats Cot Reel Cheep’ by Gabriella Balcom; Classic Masterpieces featuring Chapter 3 of At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald; short stories ‘Lonely God’ by Gary Bonn and ‘A Sweetwater Christmas’ by C. L. Steele plus a seasonal Master Author Showcase: ‘Christmas Day in the Morning’ by Pearl S. Buck.

Plus, in this issue we get to meet JENNIFER BROOKINS, author of Molly’s War and Other Short Stories, and you get expert advice from Sultana Raza and Nadia Ali. The How Stories Really Work workshop continues with a close reading of Charles Dickens’ classic ‘The Signalman’, and, in The Wonderful World of Marketing you get to analyse your writing career.

Plus much more!

I hope you enjoy it all!

Get a copy for only £2.00 or even less if you subscribe!

The Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine is a quality, downloadable pdf, available internationally. It is unique, is designed to service your needs as writers and also to entertain you in ways that right now you probably can’t imagine, including with specially commissioned short stories, expert columns, interesting articles and much, much more.


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