Overcoming the Amygdala Part 97

It’s worth summarising the various departures that there can be. Many people are still so overwhelmed by their amygdalas that they have trouble seeing departures clearly — sometimes ‘everything’ looks like a departure.

What is a ‘departure’ really? To repeat:

1. Things are missing that should be there (or present that shouldn’t be there).

2. Events are out of an expected sequence.

3. Something about Time has changed — either there is too much of it, or too little, or none.

4. An apparent untruth has been added — something which seems out of place when other facts are known.

5. Significance has been exaggerated or reduced in some way.

You start off with an ideal of some kind — a picture of a perfect or better scene or situation than what currently exists, something desirable and also attainable if all was well — and then you note the above departures.

Let’s cover them in slightly more detail:

1. Things are missing that should be there (or present that shouldn’t be there).

Anything missing from an ideal is a departure.

It can be a missing person, job, thing, sequence, or even an omitted environment. Anything that can be left out but which should be there is a departure.

This is the easiest departure to miss, simply because it’s something that’s not there.

I’ve seen marriages break down just because there wasn’t enough communication to sustain a relationship; I’ve seen companies break down because there was a key post missing but not noticed; I’ve seen great injustices done with people being punished for things while those really responsible had simply walked away and weren’t there anymore.

No one had spotted the fact that it was a missing something that had caused a whole activity to go into decline in any of those instanc