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Some Friendly Reminders about the Inner Circle Writers' Group

To maintain this group’s ethos and reputation as one of the best writing groups on Facebook, here are a couple of reminders:

1.If the end product of your post is to sell something, please post it in any Marketing Monday thread (which you can do anytime, not just on Mondays, without requiring approval). This is to avoid the group becoming a giant rolling ad billboard, like many other groups. Those looking to purchase a book have access to these threads at any time; posting your ad there has a much better chance of attracting someone in ‘buyer’ mode.

Exceptions to this are: 1. If the post is selling a Clarendon House book or item - since this group belongs to Clarendon House (me); 2. If the book or item is judged by me to be of especial interest to ICWG members; or 3. If I’ve made a mistake.

2.If you’d like to post a poem, please use the Daily Poetry Thread, one of the group’s announcements at the top of the page. You can do this anytime without requiring approval. This is to avoid the group becoming a giant rolling poetry billboard, which is not to everyone’s taste. Those who wish to read poetry can access this thread at any time; posting your poem there has a much better chance of attracting feedback from those interested in poetry.

By far the majority of posts I don’t approve belong to the categories above. In addition, I will disapprove anything incoherent or designed to spark religious or political divisions. I will also close down and/or expel anything or anyone being rude, cruel, nasty or mean, if these things are brought to my attention. (Fortunately, members tend to be sensible, friendly and caring, and I only have to take serious action two or three times a year.)

In this way, we approach 10,000 members in relative serenity, remaining focused on topic, and providing a valuable resource and haven for those serious about the business of writing.

Many thanks for your cooperation. You are all more valuable to me and to each other than you probably realise.

Onwards and upwards.


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