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The Beacon: All systems go!


You may have heard about my idea for a new, fully illustrated, colour e-magazine. This would be released monthly or bi-monthly, and cover the fields of art, culture, travel, metaphysics, writing and so on. The emphasis would be on positivity; the aim would be to uplift its readers' spirits.

My thinking is that the world needs more positivity — but also, while the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine covers the universe of writers and writing pretty well, this new magazine would venture out into the subjects of culture and philosophy, psychology, spiritual matters, little-known areas of the world, visual arts, with room for interviews, biographies, uplifting quotes, obscure facts, and travelogues from off-the-beaten-track places.

I’m going to go ahead with a pilot issue in 2021.

As an e-magazine it will be FREE TO DOWNLOAD which means that it might go far and wide, way beyond the borders of writing groups and into the domains of artists of different kinds, intelligent people all around the world, people who are looking to go travelling (or perhaps can’t and want to travel from their armchairs instead) and young and old — I want to include some items aimed at children, for example.

I need submissions in line with the above, including short fiction, poetry, artwork, travelogues and interesting articles on the range of subjects mentioned.

Based on the response to this pilot issue, I’ll decide whether or not to publish a monthly edition throughout the year.

‘What about funding?’ I hear someone ask.

A free e-magazine like this has to be funded through advertising subscriptions.

A full-page, full-colour ad (with the capacity for links, if provided) will cost £20.00 ($US27.00).

Originally, I was going to hold off until enough people had committed to a year’s worth of ads, at a discounted rate of £180.00, but that idea has problems: if for some reason I can’t continue to produce the magazine — maybe because it’s just garnering no interest or due to ill health or something — then I will end up owing people lots of money. So I’m going to stick with one-off payments for ads, at least for this pilot issue. You can purchase a page of advertising by going here:

All I would then need would be your images, including links if you wish.

I’m looking at putting this together and releasing it in early 2021. If you have any questions, or want to submit something, please contact me here:

Let’s make 2021 a brighter, better, more beautiful year — a Beacon year.


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