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The Ideal Situation For Writers

Here’s something to work towards:

The ideal situation for writers would be having enough work easily accessible on the open market, where readers came to achieve the emotional and/or intellectual gains they wanted and where they had confidence they would attain it.

A writer would have enough space and time in which to write, read, and run a business without feeling crowded or rushed.

The writer’s work would be located where the right public could identify and find it easily. The writer’s websites and/or social media pages and groups would be busy, with things in motion, while appearing clean and attractive enough not to repel visitors.

A writer’s files and papers, equipment and means of communication would be working, workable and in good order. He or she would be organised in a simple but effective way. A steady flow of submissions, query letters, social media posts and responses, and other communications would be pouring out, and answers would be pouring in. Readers would be reading and there would be few complaints. The writer would be involved with superfans interestedly and encouraging fan fiction. He or she would be well paid because of a high level of production and quality, with new work appearing all the time and social media buzzing with positive feedback, good reviews and recommendations, yielding new readers.

Readers would be giving top marks for their latest read and be full of high praises. The writer would be all on fire to write more.

No one would dream of writing anything bad about this writer. Such a situation can be built by taking what one has and step by step building and smoothing out each aspect until the writer’s life gets better and better.

Readers are always there — the skill with which they are handled and the results in terms of positive reviews are what makes it possible to build the rest. This ideal situation is something one builds toward. Anything short of it can be put right. The end product is not just an ideal situation but new heights of attainment for the writer.


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