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The VIP Marketing Programme: Selling Without Selling

Here's the third and final point of my VIP Marketing Programme:

Selling Without Selling

This third phase of the programme tackles your fear of selling — not by making you sell, but by almost automating the process so that you don’t really have to do anything.

I’ll help you by establishing a set Seed Script which can be left on social media for prospects to fill in. Part of this will obtain for you an additional email address list.

Then we’ll cull through those who have responded using a special Selection Criteria and work out what best to offer them and in what way. Most of this, after a short while, can then be further automated so you don’t have to engage with anyone.

In addition, I will help you put an email marketing sequence together which uses everything you’ve learned so far to utilise your email address list.

Product: Automated Sales

The VIP Marketing Programme shows you how to get book sales every week and how to build a viable income.

The programme costs £1,500.00 (or $US2,100.00). Payment plans are available.

As we work through these steps, each one is capable of boosting your career, but one or two will stand out as THE thing which will transform your future — so I’ll focus on that and build it up to maximum potential.

I’m calling this programme the VIP Programme because it will transform you from a struggling writer into a Very Important Person who will begin to see how the whole marketing thing works and gets products.

Each week for two months, we'll focus together on one of the steps, discussing, brainstorming, outlining, developing. You’ll then implement each step — but don’t worry, one of the requirements of each agreed step is that it has to be implementable within the resources available. No ads, no funnels, no additional expenses, just simple things you can do to lift your career — simple, but extremely powerful and coordinated.

What if none of this works?

Best case scenario: over the next 6 months, you build a career which is virtually self-running and enjoyable to manage. You get leads. You get sales. You add names to an email list for future sales. You get more confidence, and the systems we install together mean you can keep growing your career every month, while all the time placing your main focus on writing.

Writing is at the heart of this — it’s the ‘provide more’ part of the Marketing Mantra: 'Attract generally; attract specifically; engage fully; provide more.'

Before long, you’ve made back the money you spent on the programme and everything from there in out is profit made as a writer, doing very little other than write.

Worst case scenario: maybe it doesn’t go as planned. Maybe you’re a few weeks in, and you decide it’s not working for you. Or the schedule doesn’t work, or you feel you weren’t ready…

In which case, I’ll buy the programme back from you in full. You get to keep all the materials and any bonuses you’ve picked up; you get to retain all the knowledge. You’ll know much more about what to do to succeed — but you won’t have paid a penny.

Does that sound like something you might be interested in?

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