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Listen to the author, Justin Wiggins, reading his own book, chapter by chapter. Let Justin take you on a personal journey through his own experiences with life, literature and agape...

Surprised by Agape by Justin Wiggins



In Surprised by Agape, Justin Wiggins relates a personal story of redemption, but one in which he seeks to engage the reader by touching on universal themes. His own lifeline in his darkest days - the threefold cord of Lewis and MacDonald's writings, and the music of Switchfoot - is shared as an example of the potent forces of creative art, given to us by the Creator himself, and capable of leading us back, in MacDonald's words, to the 'home of His heart’.


- David Jack, translator of the Scots/English novels of George MacDonald



Surprised by Agape is the author’s candid memoir of healing and personal growth while studying the life and writings of C.S. Lewis.


- Carolyn Curtis, Women and C.S. Lewis (Lion Hudson, Oxford).


Surprised by Agape is the story of Justin Wiggins’ dark night of the soul. The book traces his journey from cultural Christianity through agnosticism to atheism and then to a redeeming faith in Christ. It is a loving testimony to roles that George MacDonald and C. S. Lewis played in Wiggins’ life, and especially the books that led him out of the darkness and into the light.


- Don King, C. S. Lewis scholar and Professor of Literature at Montreat College in North Carolina.


'Through the works and person of C. S. Lewis, Wiggins depicts a parallel of self-discovery. No angst or self-pity here. He describes coming to Christ much like Lewis did, asking “Why do we accept how we are raised? How do we know truth for ourselves in this world we live in?” In a wholly personable style, Wiggins writes, “Well, those spectacles cracked when I started to ask questions and discovered that I had no idea why I believed what I believed.”


But this is more than a spiritual memoir. He explores the influence of music, friendship, and the works of Lewis like Perelandra, A Grief Observed, and The Four Loves among others, but more importantly, Wiggins traces not just pain, but the first recognitions of joy and healing in his own life. Lewis lovers will enjoy how he collates the works that influenced him, along with the commentary and analyses that tell the story of his young life so far.'


- Christine Norvell

See what Douglas Gresham, stepson of C. S. Lewis and author of Lenten Lands: My Childhood with Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis has to say about Surprised by Agape:

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