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As a writer, you want to grab attention.

You want to guide attention.

You want to move the reader by expertly using attention.

But what exactly IS attention?

And how do you do all these things?

In this 92-page, full-colour illustrated e-manual you'll find out:
• What attention is and when, how and where to grab it (and why you're wasting your time if you don't know these things)
• What monitors attention and how you can control that as a writer, adding richness and depth to your work
• What Momentum, Mystery and Morality in fiction have to do with attention and what precise mechanisms are associated with each
• What lies at the core of your work that empowers you to control the reader's attention so that readers seek out your work
and much, much more. 


£19.99 via PayPal

Please follow the instructions throughout the PayPal process, which will lead you straight to your e-book download page.


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