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Break free from your twin enemies, 

Lack of Time



I recently did a large survey of writers, asking them what their biggest challenge was in relation to their writing.


A few answered that they were struggling with marketing, or with story quality or self doubt or even grammar. Each of these categories amounted to 5% or 10% of the total answers.


But by far the largest proportion of writers - over 60% - revealed that their main difficulty was related to two connected things: 


Time and Procrastination.


These writers told me that they were frustrated because they either didn’t have the time to write or, when they had it, found that it was swallowed up with distractions and interruptions, most often self-generated.


This is big.


In fact, this is far more revealing than I think many of the authors who said it probably realise.

This free book blows apart these factors by giving you an understanding of what is going on, a grasp of why you procrastinate, an immediate programme to get more writing time AND a long-term programme to help you build your life around your writing.

Be the writer you were always meant to be!


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In this issue:


A Flicker of Time by R. A. Goli —the maker of candles for the living has a confrontation with Death

Doctor Zennik and the Cerebrachrone by Alexander Marshall — who is the mysterious Doctor Zennik? And what can his even more mysterious device do with Time?

Sins of The Father by David Bowmore — the award-winning classic story of 1970s drama

The Little Girl Who Stole The Wind by Elizabeth Montague — a young girl captures the wind, with far-reaching consequences. 

Following Gita by Peter Astle — a fast-paced private detective is about to  complete his assignment — or is he?

Her Sister’s Keeper by P. A. O’Neil— in Edwardian London, a strange case unfolds for investigating cousins.

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In this issue:
The Arboretum Boy by Peter Astle

— an encounter in a Derbyshire arboretum poses questions but yields unexpected results.

Mouses and Cats Cot Reel Cheep

by Gabriella Balcom — a heartwarming

tale of love and changed destinies

November Moon by Sharon Frame

Gay —this tale of a forlorn soldier in the

American Civil War will break your heart, lyrically.

Missing Notes — A Slovakian Tale

by Alexander Marshall — a dysfunctional family visit turns into an odd sort of unifying event.

What Happened to Asher by Emily

Fluke — a story of love and loss from a survivor.
Friendship and Fire by Gary Bonn

— good, evil, the struggle to survive, and an unlikely friendship in a dystopian world.

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In this issue:
Masquerade by Peter Astle
‘In the darkened corner of the ballroom Humpty Dumpty removed the egg-shaped mask…’ —but whose face lies beneath? This contest-winning story takes us back to intrigue during Regency times.
Mission Ryan by Gabriella Balcom
Siona has been assigned to gather as much military intelligence as she can by infiltrating Earth's government  — the form she takes to do so will surprise you.
Birthday Girl by Sharon Frame Gay
Charlotte reaches 104 years old, and is reminiscing — a heart-tugging story from an award-winning writer.
The Wizard and Sorceress of Crater Lake by Bruce Rowe
If you are one of the fortunate few that accidentally stand in perfect alignment between Wizard Island and The Lady of the Woods, you can still feel the vibrations of magic at work. The magic of Love…
Black Marvel’s Downfall by Alexander Marshall
Blue Wonder steps to the fore, to once again confront his arch-enemy Black Marvel.
Wishes Can Come True by David Bowmore
‘Considering I had spent ninety-nine years on this planet before my resurrection, I felt pretty good—never felt fitter, actually….’ A spooky little tale from an amazing storyteller.
Still Alive by Gary Bonn 
Welcome to another world from a true weaver of wonders. Be prepared to view Life from completely new angles — and yours may never feel quite the same again…
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In this issue:

Delilah and Shimshon in the Age of Space by Riham Adly
‘Shimshon, the murderer who had killed everyone on board, ironically except for her, would sometimes stop reading from the Mahzor to wipe his running nose with the back of his hand...’ Delilah is in jeopardy — will she escape?

Dora by Giuseppina Marino Leyland
A tale of hidden family drama from old Italy, told with sensitive and heart-warming brilliance and humour.

Love & Time by Gabriella Balcom
‘Whenever the river was a dangerous mass of churning water and hidden undertows, Kryssi was supposed to stay away from it. However, she'd disobeyed and gone in one day, and strong currents had pulled her under...’ Choices and terrible consequences from an accomplished storyteller.

Robinson by Alexander Marshall
In a strange yet familiar house on the edge of the moors, a history-spanning mystery unfolds and one young man’s life will never be the same...

The Affair of the Missing Tiara by David Bowmore
Marriage was for chumps! That’s what Mortimer Marsh believed — until he became embroiled in the unfortunate affair of some jewellery which turned out to be not so much ‘missing’ as stolen, plain and simple...

Necklace of Stars by Gary Bonn
Jay is a competitive sprint canoeist, who’s done the whole lurking by glaciers thing, waiting for tsunamis as thousands of tons of ice collapse into the sea only a couple of hundred metres away, and dodging crashing towers of ice roaring up around her. She also has learning difficulties...

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Your Biggest Challenge as a Writer — and What You Can Do About It

Haunted by your twin enemies, Lack of Time and Procrastination?


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