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What’s the biggest problem writers have (once they’ve successfully written something)?


Is it technical errors in submitted manuscripts? No.

Is it missing deadlines? No.

Is it not being able to quickly deal with urgent queries? No.

Is it stubbornness about necessary changes to your work? No.

Find out what it is and why it's crucial to deal with it if you ever want to succeed, in this advice-packed, fully illustrated e-book. 

Just click the image to download.

Are you disappointed that you have put so much work into your writing but don't seem to be getting anywhere?


Do you feel overloaded but can't quite see why?

Are you assuming that all you have to do is to get your book available on Amazon and the money will start rolling in?

Do you want to grasp exactly what you need to do to make things work smoothly?

In this fully illustrated e-book you will find answers to many mysteries and be able to put your writing career on a magical new footing...

...and it's COMPLETELY FREE!

Click on the image to download.

Stand by for more free items from Clarendon House later in the year

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