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Mel Lee Newmin

Science fiction and fantasy author Mel Lee Newmin is a native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, home of the Amish and not much else. Following careers in corporate accounting and technical writing for the defense industry, Mel began a new career as a fiction author with short stories appearing around the world (US, Canada, UK, Australia) in Ligurian Magazine, On the Premises, Sixfold, Full Metal Horror, Rapture, many others. Mel’s science fiction novel Balance of Fortune is available through Out Of This World Press. When not busy with these endeavors, Mel produces a popular weekly fiction blog about Niles Gule, vampire hunter in Baltimore.

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Clarendon House Anthologies
featuring the work of
Mel Lee Newmin

Tempest new 3 way image.png

Tempest: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology 2019


You’ll find dragons and other mysterious beasts aplenty in this book, along with spaceships and ray guns and witches and robots and futures good and bad. You’ll sometimes be shocked and chilled; at other times, you’ll be amused and touched. Step into universes which both extend our own and which lead far beyond the beaded curtain of the stars into worlds we have never known.

3 way Fireburst image.png

Fireburst: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Second Flash Fiction Anthology 2018

Intense, keen, extreme, sincere, deeply felt, wholehearted - you’ll find stories within ranging from the amusing to the overwhelming, from the earnest to the cute, you will scarcely believe what can be done in less than 2,000 words per tale. 

3D Rapture image.png

Rapture: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Romance Anthology 2018

Prepare for surprises, passion, energy and a smattering of the unusual; prepare for mini-sagas set in foreign climes, short pieces which evoke amorous devotion, and even some alluring poetry, in one of the most entertaining, thoughtful and heart-warming collections produced this year.

Carrier Wave: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Comedy Anthology 2018

In this anthology you will find a range of approaches to making you laugh, from ‘real-life comic drama’ to humorous misunderstanding, from observational humour to a playful ‘messing about in tropes’. You’ll be impressed by these efforts to catch you off-guard and surprise you.

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