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Steve Carr

Steve Carr is a native of Cincinnati but has traveled extensively in the United States and abroad. He began his writing career as a military journalist. He spent three years in the Army and four years in the Navy. He has had over 500 short stories published internationally in print and online magazines, literary journals and anthologies. His plays have been staged in several states. He has been nominated for the  Pushcart Prize twice. He currently lives in Richmond, Virginia.

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Getting Your Short Stories Published: A Guidebook by Steve Carr


Second Edition


Beginning his writing career as a military journalist, Steve Carr has had over 500 short stories — new and reprints — published internationally in more than 325 publications, in print and online magazines, literary journals and anthologies, since 2016. Prior to that his plays were produced in several states in the U.S. He has had seven collections of his short stories published, received two Pushcart Prize nominations and acquired a large social media following. Under his Sweetycat Press imprint he has published five anthologies highlighting emerging writers. He is the publisher/editor of the online magazine Short Story Town. Steve is one of the most qualified people on the planet to give other writers practical advice on the ins and outs of getting a short story published. The second edition of his popular guidebook on how to get your short stories published reveals his organizing system and his methodology for approaching editors, and is full of tips to get your work in print. 

Clarendon House books which feature stories by Steve Carr

Blaze: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Flash Fiction Anthology 2019


Writers are spellbinders, wizards, witches, working their magic with words, entrancing and enchanting us. Not for nothing does the word ‘spell’ mean a sequence of letters and a form of words used as a magical charm or incantation. In these tales, the sorcery has been restricted so that its glamour has to work in the space of fifty, five hundred or a thousand words: and work it does, as you will see. From disturbing darkness to light-hearted laughter, the authors within weave their wizardry, making you weep and laugh, feel and think, shiver and gasp, always wanting to turn the page. 

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Gold: The Best from Clarendon House Anthologies Volume One: 2017/2018


With this anthology, you have in your hands the pure ‘gold’ of a selection of tales which have delighted readers already, in their places of origin, but which have proven to have the power to entertain beyond those volumes. Spanning science fiction and fantasy, comedy and literary stories, poetry and magic realism, thrillers and thoughtful tales, Gold is a treasure trove of some of the best short fiction from 2018.

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Miracle: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Christian Stories Anthology 2018


Part of the problem of today’s society - arguably, its most essential problem - is that it lacks a vision which goes right to the heart of human suffering and still finds that hope, light and even joy are truer than misery, death and pain. The stories in this book each reflect upon that problem in some way, and conclude that, rather than being either a meaningless and indifferent universe, or one in which we are persecuted victims of a faceless power, perhaps there is something else at work: perhaps — just perhaps, mind — the older world was not as deluded by superstition as many think, but actually had a pretty firm grasp of certain foundational truths which the last hundred years or so have eroded away in the popular mind.

Perhaps a Christian story is a way, in other words, of revealing something about reality which few other kinds of story can do.

Whether or not the authors in this book succeeded in their revelations is up to you.


But it can make quite a difference to a life when they do succeed.

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Enigma: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Crime/Mystery/Thriller Anthology 2018


In these 26 stories, over 300 pages, you can experience not only joy over and over again as complex and befuddling lines of enquiry resolve into simplicities, but also see what new and experienced authors have done with the format of the crime, mystery and thriller genres, twisting them in new directions, surprising you in new ways, delighting you with new visions. 


From the traditional old-fashioned country houses in which puzzling crimes have detained important guests, to grim and disturbing urban transgressions, to gripping thrillers with unforeseen twists, prepare to be entertained and enthralled. These skilful writers know how to bamboozle you, commanding your attention before you are aware of it, leaving you guessing all the way. 


But more than that: you’ll often find within these stories a profound understanding of humanity, both its criminals and its crazies, as well as its heroes and heroines.

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Rapture: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Romance Anthology 2018


The genre of romantic fiction is one which easily conjures cliché images of tall, dark strangers and meetings across crowded rooms. This anthology blows those clichés apart: here you will find genre-spanning stories which test the outer limits of what romance is, and which also explore its depths in the heart.


Prepare for surprises, passion, energy and a smattering of the unusual; prepare for mini-sagas set in foreign climes, short pieces which evoke amorous devotion, and even some alluring poetry, in one of the most entertaining, thoughtful and heart-warming collections produced this year.

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Fireburst: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Second Flash Fiction Anthology 2018

Intense, keen, extreme, sincere, deeply felt, wholehearted - you’ll find stories within ranging from the amusing to the overwhelming, from the earnest to the cute. Clarendon House has once again drawn together a selection of fabulous talents to weave you into their story worlds so that you will scarcely believe what can be done in less than 2,000 words per tale. Perfect if you want to relish the moments; ideal if you desire entertainment on-the-run; essential if you’re eager to see what the future has to offer in terms of great writers - this is the book for you.

Carrier Wave: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Comedy Anthology 2018


'Carrier wave' is defined by the dictionary as ‘a high-frequency electromagnetic wave modulated in amplitude or frequency to convey a signal’. Kind of like humour. If you can make people laugh, they seem to become more open to your message. This can be very powerful for writers.


In this anthology you will find a range of approaches to making you laugh, from ‘real-life comic drama’ to humorous misunderstanding, from observational humour to a playful ‘messing about in tropes’. Of course, you’ve chosen this book at least partly because you are predisposed to laugh, but I think you’ll be impressed by these efforts to catch you off-guard and surprise you.


See what you think.

Window: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Children's Anthology 2018

This book is for readers aged 8 to 80, and contains many adventures of various kinds, ranging from travels with faeries (spelt with an ‘e’) to challenges in the playground, as well as other things you can scarcely imagine. 


You’ll meet dogs and cats, wizards and dinosaurs, princesses and leprechauns, mermaids and men made of spice - and much more.


You’ll meet creatures both real and fantastic, find courage in the face of the amazing and bravery when everything looks dark.


Some of these tales might even become favourites that will linger with you long after you close these pages.

Vortex: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Literary Anthology 2018

If we define ‘literary’ as fiction without barriers, then the book you hold in front of you is a potent and vibrant contradiction. This little book seems a finite thing - but it is actually a portal to other worlds, much larger in scope and depth than its size would suggest. Within, you’ll find passion and poetic prose that will haunt you, experimental fiction that will challenge you, tales that will make you laugh, some that will make you cry, and many that will enthral you from beginning to end. The question that may occur to you as you complete this book is ‘Why aren’t these authors all world-famous?’


You were here at the beginning.

Storm: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Fantasy Anthology 2018


Think of it like this: the universe is an immense and wonderful stained glass window. Science and science fiction writers look at the structure of the window itself - how it is put together, what it does, how it works; the other way of looking at things, which gives rise to High Fantasy, looks through the window to see what’s outside.


The range of stories I received for this anthology was immensely wide - some comic, some traditional ‘sword and sorcery’ type tales, and some philosophical. Let’s see which ones help us to see through the window.


-Grant P. Hudson, Editor

Galaxy: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Science Fiction Anthology 2018

Journey to landscapes beyond your imagination; encounter horrors and wonders you have never dreamed of; shift through time and space, sometimes out of control…


From a mix of brand new and well-established short story writers comes this fantastic mix of tales, intense, haunting, compelling, to pluck at your hearts and stretch your vision of both the future and the past.


Let Steve Carr, Gary Bonn, Samantha Hamilton and many others open doors to other worlds for you. Sometimes you may want to stay…

Flashpoint: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Flash Fiction Anthology 2018

What sort of effect can an author create in around 1,000 words or less?


With this anthology, you have in your hands a collection of forty very short stories, each of which has its own power to evoke emotions within you. There’s tragedy, there’s humour, there’s science fiction and drama, there’s a mixture of just about everything here, from completely new and long-established short story writers.


You will never know what lies waiting for you on the next electrifying page…

Condor: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Inaugural Anthology 2018
Here, you’ll find super-short ‘flash fiction’ as well as fairly lengthy tales which might serve as the basis of greater novels; you’ll find whimsical fantasy and gritty reality; you’ll find contemporary realism and flowery fancy. You’ll find some writers at the tentative beginning of their careers, and others further along that road.
This is a celebration of sorts of the art of writing, the joy of it, the freedom of it. Ours is a lonely job, but a magical one; we are the spellbinders and conjurors of modern times, taking simplistic symbols and combining them in special ways to produce a range of wonderful effects.

For more from Steve, head over to his Amazon Author page.

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