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Bruce Rowe was born in the Deep South of Louisiana where folklore and myths are as plentiful as fireflies in the Bluebonnet Swamp on a midsummer’s night. He has integrated the supernatural elements from those myths in addition to others from around the world into his stories. He has short stories published at, and His story, ‘The Rider’, was nominated Publication of the Month in October 2018. As well, ‘Grandfather’s Clock’ was a featured piece at Spillwords. ‘The Lonely Traveler’ received a special mention at Cafelit. He presently resides in Southern California.
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Chrysalis 3D cover image.png

The Chrysalis and the Creatures of the Highlands


The Chrysalis is coming: 

the vast evolutionary process through which the earth moves from one stage to the next, creating gentler environments and hence gentler creatures through adaptation, under the watchful eyes of the Creators of All Things. In the meantime, Renwick and his lagomorphs are in danger of being overwhelmed by the vicious chief of the Dire Wolves, Caden and his sinister brood of allies.


A perilous quest must 

be undertaken; a violent

and merciless enemy 

confronted. Be prepared 

for a tale of epic triumph, 

tragedy and 


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