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'The Sword Sundergost: from the fertile mind of Alexander Marshall comes a complex world of Gods, legends, dragons, ancient evil and unlikely heroes. This epic trilogy is guaranteed to pull you in and leave you wanting more of Marshall’s complex world. I can already hear fans calling for another trilogy! Once you’ve found Ryna, Arime and the lovable Nawn, they will find a place in your heart. I predict that in years to come, The Sword Sundergost will be hailed as a classic.' -David Bowmore, author of The Magic of Deben Market

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THE MISTRESS OF TARA: Book One of The Sword Sundergost

Ryna is born to greatness, but she doesn't know it. When a giant warrior arrives in the kingdom of Restonia, bringing with him horrifying evil, her life is about to change. Sundergost the Golden, Dragon's Bane, awaits - but her destiny leads elsewhither, all the way to the dark island of Wormstone, to the peril of all who live in the wide realms of Gandria. The fate of the world will depend on whether Ryna ever finds out who she really is...

THE CHILDREN OF TARA: Book Two of The Sword Sundergost

The Children of Tara: Syra the fiery-haired, full of passion but poisoned by evil; and Arime, naive and impulsive, driven by youth. Into their world steps Tarazion, a mighty Herald of Raendu, bringing the answers to secrets they didn't know they possessed. And deep under the earth, the legendary Sword Sundergost calls, destined to change the whole of Gandria. Realms will rise or fall based on the decisions made by these children - and in the East awaits the greatest challenge of all...

WORMSTONE: Book Three of The Sword Sundergost

Wormstone: the Citadel of the Four Winds conceals a living darkness which threatens to give Dare-kor, leader of the Morndred, power over the souls of all who dwell in Gandria. Long has been the reach of the Hooded Man, stealing even the bride of the High King, leaving him wandering witless in wild places. But the great Golden Blade, the Sword Sundergost, makes its way under the earth to the final confrontation with what lies beneath Wormstone, as the Song of Valkurn predicted,
The Great Worm groaned, Great will be the deeds
Of this Sword, and it will serve with strength
The sovereignty of men, even thy
Line of long-awaited lords in time—
But its greatest deed will be in the
Service of Dragons...

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