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Welcome, Wanderer...

This page is a portal opening onto a different universe.

Discover a new, refreshing way of looking at reality - and perhaps even learn its language and secrets.

I'm Angelica Green, and I am your gatekeeper and guide in this new world. (Note: the photo isn't really me, but it's close.)

Where to begin?

Download my free e-book, The New Tarot, below, and read how the universe is composed - plus get two FREE tarot readings, personally interpreted by me.

For reasons which will perhaps become clear to you when you read my book, I live a reclusive life and you won't find me appearing much on social media. If you have any questions, please get in touch through my publisher:

Golden Girl
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'A very unusual e-book from Clarendon House.


It’s called The New Tarot, and it is an exploration of the mystical universe, covering not only the traditional tarot cards of which you have probably heard — a set of cards said to contain mystical meanings — but an archetypal tarot which underlies the traditional version and simplifies it.

It’s been put together by Angelica Green. 


Angelica outlines her father’s philosophies about Life and the structure of the universe, including:

-the basic structure of reality and how the tarot taps into it

-a complete guide to all the archetypal and traditional meanings of tarot, old and new

-two FREE tarot readings, interpreted by Angelica herself

-over 150 pages, illustrated in full colour throughout.

It's an exceptional work, unlike anything else that you have ever seen.'

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Book an Online Tarot Reading


1. Make your payment using the PayPal button.

2. Add a special message if you wish (optional).

3. Await a personal response from me (usually within 24 hours)

Any questions? Please contact me through my publisher.

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