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The Sword Sundergost
in one volume

Sword Sundergost one volume cover image.png

'The Sword Sundergost: from the fertile mind of Alexander Marshall comes a complex world of Gods, legends, dragons, ancient evil and unlikely heroes. This epic trilogy is guaranteed to pull you in and leave you wanting more of Marshall’s complex world. I can already hear fans calling for another trilogy! Once you’ve found Ryna, Arime and the lovable Nawn, they will find a place in your heart. I predict that in years to come, The Sword Sundergost will be hailed as a classic.' -David Bowmore, author of The Magic of Deben Market

Download Map One of part of the world of Gandria 
Download Map Two of part of the world of Gandria 
Gandria north west map image.png
Download a timeline of the world of Gandria 
Gandrian timeline image.png
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