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• what a story really is


• what it is actually doing to and for

you and other readers

• the magnetic power that attracts readers even before the introduction of any character


• what the thing called a ‘character’ actually is, and how to rapidly build a convincing one


• the things called ‘plots’, what they are and how they are actually made


• what ‘protagonists’ and ‘antagonists’ really are, and what the connection between them consists of


• the four categories of the powerful force that compels readers to turn pages


• the ‘nuclear reactor’ that drives all successful stories through to their conclusion


• how the four basic genres -Epic, Tragedy, Irony and Comedy- are composed and how they work to create different effects


and much, much more.

What the experts say:

An amazing book. Fascinating application of physics theory to the art of fiction writing. 

Presents new ways of understanding how stories work.

I now look for"vacuums" everywhere. Excellent case studies covering all genres. Thought-provoking and inspiring. I highly recommend this book to all readers and writers of fiction.


- G. Leyland (B Social Work, Grad Dip Writing, MA Creative Writing)

What the authors say:


It's beautiful, informative, essential reading for anyone who wants to write fiction. It’s almost a responsibility point, you’re committing a crime if you don’t get it into peoples’ hands!!! 


-B.R. (Author)


Your book is teaching me all the stuff that the other books don’t! I can learn all about three-act structures and all that stuff elsewhere -this book is telling me exactly what to put INTO the structure! It makes writing so easy and you can immediately spot where you’re going wrong! Excellent! 

-L.J. (Professional)


This is an absolutely amazing achievement! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in writing fiction. 


-T.R. (Student)


I was extremely impressed. This is not idle flattery. You’ve done a superb job in uncovering the factors that go into making a great piece of literature. 


-B.R. (Executive)

I'm reading through "How Stories Really Work." I've studied writing books for years but I've never seen anything like this! 


I learned about your work after reading an article you wrote. I was intrigued by the premise, but at the time, there wasn't an Amazon review (something I must rectify when I'm finished). I decided it wouldn't hurt to read the preview. . .And promptly bought it. 


This book is REVOLUTIONARY. Everything is made so simple and precise that other methods of writing seem clumsy by comparison. It's not just a way of writing, but a way of seeing.

-A. P. (Author)

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