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Eight master authors, eight story gems — from E. M. Forster’s fantastically prophetic tale of the future, ‘The Machine Stops’ (predicting in 1909, amongst other things, the rise of the World Wide Web) to Thomas Hardy’s dark tale of witchcraft in the wilderness of 19th century Wessex, ‘The Withered Arm’; from Charles Dickens’ classic ghost story ‘The Signalman’, to Graham Greene’s haunting tale of Catholic reality, ‘The Hint of an Explanation’; from Edgar Allan Poe’s famous story of deception ‘The Purloined Letter’, to W. Somerset Maugham’s charmingly ironical piece, ‘The Verger’; and from W. B. Yeats’ adapted comic play ‘The Pot of Broth’ to Oscar Wilde’s tragic ‘The Happy Prince’, this fully illustrated ebook will leave you in awe of the storytelling skills of the some of the world’s greatest short story writers. 

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