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20 Blog Prompts for Easy Use

If you want to make use of my free booklet How to Blog Daily Possibly Forever, you might occasionally find yourself in need of some prompting.

Here are some ideas to get you started (most of which I have used myself):

1. Review something else in your field, especially from other writers on the topic you’ve chosen to blog about.

2. Tell a true story about something that happened to you or a client of yours.

3. Write about the research you did to ensure that something you’re working on was accurate.

4. Interview some of your readers.

5. Write about some of the recent trends in your genre or topic.

6. Write about your favourite novels or authors in your field.

7. Put together an article based on Frequently Asked Questions.

8. Feature an excerpt from an upcoming book and ask for feedback.

9. Review a film you’ve seen recently. If it was based on a book that you’ve read, do a comparison. Was it a good adaptation?

10. Describe your writing routine, when you write, where you write, how you prepare to write and the kinds of obstacles you have to overcome.

11. Tell readers how a particular idea came about. Did any event, person or other book inspire it?

12. Write about a hobby you have.

13. Describe a cause that's important to you - political, social, ecological, charitable or spiritual. Explain why you feel so moved by this cause as opposed to another.

14. Write about your local environment, your town, your nearest city.

15. Share some of the interesting facts or insights you came across as you did some research.

16. Review websites, blogs, courses, or events on writing, or anything else about your favourite topics.

17. List what you are reading now and why.

18. Get readers' opinions on any key issue.

19. Name your favourite characters and describe why you like them.

20. Start a ‘perpetual interview’ with yourself, which readers can add to if they want to ask you a question. This item can extend into many future blog posts.

Blog topics are endless. But sometimes the screen looks very blank. Hopefully, these few suggestions have given you an idea or two. More to come soon!


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