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The Imagination Analysis

In the volume How Stories Really Work -A Practical Manual to Transform Your Fiction, there’s an exercise call the Imagination Analysis. This asks, amongst many other things, ‘What if you could expand your existing writing to create whole new levels of effects and thereby open up the channels to whole new worlds of readers?’ By doing the Imagination Analysis, you can discover how your work can benefit from being imagined and re-imagined in new ways. By simply filling out this series of tables, your eyes should be opened to many and varied possibilities.

Questions include (but are certainly not limited to):

How could you make the same kind of fiction but using different characters?

How could you deliver the same kind of effects but in a completely new way?

How could you combine your ideas in new ways?

How could you use new or different elements to make your writing more accessible?

How could you make your writing do other things?

How could you apply your writing to other fields?

How could you remove something from your writing to make it more effective?

What creates the needs that your writing fulfils in the first place?

A simple tale, basic and not very original, can go through the Imagination Analysis and be potentially transformed into a many-dimensional fable, perhaps even an educational work, or even the first of a series of books. Obviously, the author would now sit down and cull out from all these possibilities what he or she wanted to do and what he or she thought was unworkable or unaffordable. From it, a work would be created which was quite different, fresher and more alive than the original skeleton concept.

The Imagination Analysis, though guaranteed to get you thinking about your work in new ways, is only one of several analyses and together these form less than 1% of what is on offer in How Stories Really Work -A Practical Manual to Transform Your Fiction! Grab a copy today!

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