Foundation to Publishing

If you're really serious about writing, you need to know something about the secret language of fiction -how stories really work.

We're not talking about three act structures, or even particularly about 'writer's journeys' and all the other kinds of advice that you'll find out there. This is the physics that makes fiction work -the principles that lie behind almost all other advice you'll ever read about.

How powerful do your ideas have to be?

What makes characters attractive -and what doesn't?

How can you get emotional commitment from readers?

What drives plots forward and glues the reader to each page?

How can you make sure that you don't disappoint your readers?

Without confident answers to these questions, you have very little chance of attracting readers, let alone the attention of publishers. Everything in the Foundation to Publishing package is based on an extensive 40-year study of English literature and popular fiction, ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary movies like 'Star Wars' or the Marvel superhero films.

With the Foundation to Publishing Package, you'll receive a tailor-made, comprehensive programme of help for your fiction including

An Ideas Workshop

Character Construction

Attracting Readers

Emotional Commitment

Plot Structuring

Quality of Style

Fulfilling Expectations