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Effective Selling

What would you need in order to be able to effectively ‘sell’ something to others?

Self-evidently, perhaps, you would need some ‘others’ to whom to sell the thing. This is not as obvious as it might seem at first - you normally have a fairly small field of cross-related people with whom a large amount of communication takes place - in other words, you know the same people and perhaps a relatively small circle of people outside that. So the first requirement would be a method of contacting new, as yet uncontacted people.

Once a body of people had been contacted, what exactly should you say to them to make sure that they move them along a line toward a sale? There would need to be a patter or standard procedure to establish and maintain a communication to those others and to generate and maintain interest all the way along the line.

Then there would need to be a sequence of steps leading up to closing the person to purchase whatever it was you were selling, either with money or emotionally, depending on what it was. There would need to be an agreed point at which the other person did the final paperwork and an exchange of monies or emotions too place - ideally by then the public person having been completely closed - or, if the person was not yet fully sure, there would need to be a moment of final enlightenment.

The product of all this would not be a ‘Closed Person’ or a ‘Commission Paid’ but an established relationship, in which the other person would have an ongoing commitment.

If you want to sell successfully - and assuming that what you are selling is worthwhile - then you would need to be willing to invest the time in this line of work. Ideally, there would need to be a guaranteed income. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves - we still have several things to establish and make work:

1. How does one acquire contacts?

2. What would be an effective, almost universal patter which would be sure to generate interest?

3. What sequence of actions would then be followed to get the contact converted to a Closed Person?

4. How could a successful relationship be maintained throughout the other person’s life to ensure stability all the way through to the end?

Answering these questions gives anyone the successful pathway to endless sales.

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