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The Power of Speed

Success in business isn’t just about a willingness to make mistakes. It requires you to be quicker to learn and adjust your plans in order to reach your goals. Winners are those who notices changes in conditions and adjust their course accordingly - and rapidly.

Win by being the first to identify a new, more direct route to your destination.

In business, as in Life, obstacles get in the way; competitors, economic conditions, marketing that doesn’t get a response, the shifting interests of the public -the list is endless. Businesses that are quick to respond to changing conditions, dodge obstacles and change course fast will come out as winners. Those who end up on top are usually those who are quick to acknowledge that their existing strategy is off course. Acting quickly, they make the changes necessary to reach their targets.

What’s the fastest way for you to stay in the winner’s lane?

Be prepared to seize new marketing ideas, put them to the test, track any results and continually fine-tune the ways you market and manage your business.

How can you improve the speed at which your company works and make more money for you?

1. Be alert for new ideas. Regularly collect new ideas from your customers, suppliers and staff. You can do this by being in communication with each group through questionnaires, surveys, social media, live chats and so on.

2. Be ready to change. When working as a small business consultant, I heard the same kinds of things from small business owners struggling with their marketing:

'I don’t think that would work for me.'

'I already know that.'

'There’s no one to help me.'

'I need someone to give me a plan.'

These are excuses to keep doing the same thing, even if it isn’t working.

Each of the above is another way of stating 'There's an idea I already have which is blocking me from doing any better'. That idea can be 'I already know all the answers' or 'I am incapable of implementing anything that will work.' Curiously, those ideas are at the opposite ends of the same spectrum: they tell the business owner either 'Give up because you know everything and nothing can work' or 'Give up because you don't know enough and never will.'

If your business is struggling, change is the oxygen which can revive it. Breathe in suggestions like fresh air and see what happens.

3. Learn to love mistakes; love to learn from mistakes. Walk through your business right now and spot all the places where things are moving too slowly. Keep count of

Work out how to make them go faster without jeopardising quality and you will be multiplying your own income right there.

You’ll be astonished at the difference it will make.

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