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A Simple Marketing Strategy for Businesses

Want a general marketing strategy for improving your business?

Take a look at your current numbers, divided up in whatever way you like. And then recognise that your current marketing actions are yielding those numbers - or, to put it in a more detailed way:

Your current website

Your current actions in sales (calls, emails etc)

Your current leaflet distribution

Your current social media presence and activity

Your current press/advertising presence

Your current brochures

Your current email output to customers

Your current other marketing output (website directories, etc)

Your current referral offers and activities

These all add up together to produce about what you get right now, divided into different parts of the business.

If we want to get beyond that, there are two things that immediately come to mind:

1. Improve the VOLUME of promotion on all the channels above - i.e. probably at least doubling calls, emails, leaflets, social media output, adverts, marketing emails etc etc.

2. Improve the QUALITY of all of the above, including brochures.

In truth, you probably need to improve both volume and quality to achieve viability.

Anyway, that’s why I keep going on about promotion. And social media. Because to get to the ideal scene for your business you need to think with what is needed to produce that scene, not just cope with what you have.

I also wondered about considering (or reconsidering, because you may already thought of it) some kind of bonus scheme based on income. That would really focus attention on where the money is - and would effectively cost nothing because it would create itself.

Get creative and take the lid off some things: think big and think in terms of a brighter future.

Let me know what you think.

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