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Cure Some People

One unusual way of thinking about your story is to imagine that it is a hospital.

There are many people who have no need to visit a hospital. They will walk right past one and pay no attention, and quite rightly, if they are fit and well.

But some potential readers are staggering around looking for a cure for something.

They’ve tried various other remedies and some have partly worked, but what they really need is your story.

You have to build a strong hospital full of wards and beds and expert personnel, ready to welcome anyone who walks toward your story. When they set foot inside, they must be serviced swiftly and efficiently and with great care until you have cured them of their need.

Fill your story with drama, with passion, with colour, with protagonists in peril and emotions on edge, with wonders glimpsed in the middle of danger and characters that yearn for a cure of some kind themselves. As readers identify with carefully-designed protagonists, so they will themselves walk through to a full ‘recovery’.

Forget the non-prospects. Stop wasting time, energy and money trying to contact and ‘convert’ everyone. Focus instead on building professional channels so that those who need YOU and what YOU have to offer can find you and make rapid progress to fulfilment.

And what happens when people get cured? They run around telling everyone about it, right?

Cure some people.

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